by Markov State

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A love song written within the framework of the theory of General Relativity.


It seems that I have warped space and time
here and now, simply being alive
and when you move your heart so close to mine
I can feel, I can feel it stretching time

5 4 3 2 on 1: everyone get ready to go
If you don't want to fall down, you've got to learn to let go
On 2 everybody hold on tight
we're about to ignite; please enjoy the ride

Tonight we're gonna fly
Until Gravity pulls us down

Never alone, every move you make causes a change
in the space I'm in no matter how far away
Even separated galaxies cannot betray your heart beating for me
these beats, they ripple out affecting everything

Hold up, yeah, let me see
the name's Doc Holliday so listen to me
You want to leave the ground?
You gotta fight gravity
Always pulling you down
But there's a better way to be
The further you go, the weaker it is
so work a little harder, yeah that's the biz
past the clouds and the stars
is where we're trying to go
but you can't get there if
you're moving too slow.
Generally I can see that you're a little warped
I can't say that I'm not,
it's just par for the course.
You say it's too hard,
nah just open that door
when we solve that problem
we'll see what's in store.
We're gonna leave the ground
Gonna get a little taste
Gonna bend a little time
Gonna warp a little space
Gonna write a little rhyme
Gonna leave this place
Gonna give another line
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released February 18, 2014
Rap: Zackery Slade "Doc" Holliday



all rights reserved


Markov State Nashville, Tennessee

Owl City meets Explosions in the Sky. Progressive House meets Indie Rock. Man meets that which created him.

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