State of Mind

by Markov State

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released March 11, 2014



all rights reserved


Markov State Nashville, Tennessee

Owl City meets Explosions in the Sky. Progressive House meets Indie Rock. Man meets that which created him.

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Track Name: Dimension
Here I find something completely new this time
There's more than meets the eye and I begin
to slip into a brand new state of mind

Stuck in Dimension
Stuck in between this place and time
Stuck in Dimension
One day I'll leave this place and fly

New worlds to see, new ways to find discovery
New wonders to behold
To new dimensions we must go

Strings dancing around
Pounding out the sound
Of the trillion voices in this song

Stuck in dimensions, I feel the tension
but now I'm trying to see
which dimensions I'm living in
but all I see is three
and time makes four, but give me more
because I feel I'm running out
gotta escape so I can make
something of this life and
lose this doubt
There's so much more than
all I know and all I can see and feel
but how much more and how
do I know if it's all real?
The theory says I can use my
head but now I'm just trying to know
So go ahead, Markov State
tell us what you know
Track Name: Gravitation
It seems that I have warped space and time
here and now, simply being alive
and when you move your heart so close to mine
I can feel, I can feel it stretching time

5 4 3 2 on 1: everyone get ready to go
If you don't want to fall down, you've got to learn to let go
On 2 everybody hold on tight
we're about to ignite; please enjoy the ride

Tonight we're gonna fly
Until Gravity pulls us down

Never alone, every move you make causes a change
in the space I'm in no matter how far away
Even separated galaxies cannot betray your heart beating for me
these beats, they ripple out affecting everything

Hold up, yeah, let me see
the name's Doc Holliday so listen to me
You want to leave the ground?
You gotta fight gravity
Always pulling you down
But there's a better way to be
The further you go, the weaker it is
so work a little harder, yeah that's the biz
past the clouds and the stars
is where we're trying to go
but you can't get there if
you're moving too slow.
Generally I can see that you're a little warped
I can't say that I'm not,
it's just par for the course.
You say it's too hard,
nah just open that door
when we solve that problem
we'll see what's in store.
We're gonna leave the ground
Gonna get a little taste
Gonna bend a little time
Gonna warp a little space
Gonna write a little rhyme
Gonna leave this place
Gonna give another line
back to Markov State
Track Name: Ascension
From ashes we arise
As one we come alive
Come search with me we'll find
Where our story leads

From ashes we arise
As one we come alive
Come search with me we'll find
And not even time will hold us down
Track Name: Foundation
When I look up at the heavens, it is there I find my foundation. The stars sing to me a story of who I am, and of who I am to become; a vast history waiting to be discovered, a brilliant future waiting to be written. I come to find that I am made of the pieces created when so many past beings sacrificed themselves to allow me the chance to experience this creation. Oh how indebted I am to all who came before me--for those who sacrificed so that I may be!

If I am to accomplish anything it must be to know this foundation that has given rise to my being. It seems that everything I find is here to help me to this end, and nothing should stop me from the giving of my whole being to this cause. For what could be more noble, more holy than to know that which has created me? This is my foundation.
Track Name: Question
This could be the start of something brand new, oh so new.
Take my hand and let me lead and I'll show you, I'll show you.

Wait. And hear that sound
A new idea is breaking ground
With it comes the hope to make
Something beautiful today
So give it breathe, give it life
Give it fire, let it burn so bright
Plant it deep, let it grow
There must be something more to know

This could be start of something brand new, oh so new
Take my hand and let me lead and I'll show you, I'll show you
That when you finally find what you've been searching for all this time
You'll see it's the questions that make us feel alive

If you're not getting answers, search a little harder
Dig a little deeper, look a little broader
Ask a little louder, read a little longer
Then you might find
If you're not getting answers, ask better questions
You might just find with a little discretion
Seek and you search with little digression
But just be careful don't get stuck in dimension

Alive and on top of the world
It's about the search, not the end of the journey
What answers may come, our question lives on
So what question you seek is your legacy
The question we ask is who we are